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News 3/9/20

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News 3/9/20 Empty News 3/9/20

Post  amelias-hart on 9th March 2010, 5:49 pm

There isn't much new, but there is a big something I have to say. Quite a few people, including myself, have a had a virus problem. Not on here, but on a well known, and used, photo site. Devianart. There are a lot of really good pictures on there, but I've been on there, and gotten a fake virus scanner come up, which I know (sadly, have got it on my computer before) is a virus. If you see something that looks like a My Computer page, but has the internet bat at the top, exit the page immediatly! Any pops up at come up, close those too. Run a virus scan on a trusted virus scanner ASAP, and clear all documents of this. And please, do not use any photos you found from devianart. Try to find them on a different site, or find a different pic, or upload them. But I would clear your computer as soon as you can of any pics you got from devianart, and don't go back on. I don't know how it got on that site, or if it was intentional, or if the site owners know about it. I don't think it is on every picture on deivianart, but it is on quite a few. Probably because once you load a page with a virus, if stays on there till you scan and quarntine your computer, so unknowning people get the virus, and pass it on to other pics. Sorry for the lecter, but I don't want anyone to get a virus from one pic.

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