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Beginner's RP (G)

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Beginner's RP (G)

Post  amelias-hart on 27th March 2010, 9:11 am

This is a type of tutorial RP. I am, for this site, a senior RPer. I am lucky to have a few senior RPers, a few of us senior RPers were on another site together, and some newer ones that are skilled learners, and catch on quickly. But back to this RP. Many senior RPers can get quite irritated with new RPers, and their confusion of the rules. I am saying this plain out cause it's true, and happens frequently. It doesn't make you bad or unteachable, but in a lot of RPs I've been in before there is that one person who just doesn't grasp the concept. So, this RP has been made to help new RPers learn the ropes. Unlike in an official RP, if you break RP rules in here, you are just told what you did wrong, and not punished. This way you can learn how RPs work, and get a full enjoyment out of the site, as that has been its main purpose.


This is your first day of school, and of course, you're slightly worried. What classes will you take? How will you make friends? Will you be picked on? What will the lunch be, will it be nasty, or actually quite good? How about how you look, will you be popular, and make everyone like you, or a drag and everyone hates you?

Note on story: This plot was made by Avenger (thanks, Snow!), and really, this is a extremely simple plot. But for reference, we'll say that this school is named East Ridge School, and welcomes grades K-12. It's located in Spring Falls, Montana, a large town compared to the rest of the state, right near the southern border. This plot was made for easy relation, since most of the people on here are in grade school still. It is preferable that you play as a character near your age, to help with the relation, and learning process.


~ Only one character per person
~ No godmodding, or control other people's characters
~ No cursing, sex, alcohol, drugs, or nudity. This is a rate G RP, keep it that way!
~ PM character profile to me or another mod in the Forest.
~ This is for new RPers solely. If you know how to RP, you can not join, save mods on duty here
~ Once you get the basics, find a nice way to remove your character from the RP, like moving or graduation.
~ Try to have fun!

Character Profile:

To fill this out, copy the blue text to a PM, replace the statements in parentheses with your characters information, and send it to one of the mods on duty, or myself. You can see examples of profiles below.

Name: (This is your character's name, or nickname)
Age: (How old is your character?)
Bio: (This is their history, what's happened to them in their past)
Looks: (What does you character look like? You can type something, post a pic, or provide a link, but nothing from Deveintart, read rules! And remember, some RPs require you us an image)


Permeant Characters -

This Chic's character ~

Name: Di
Age: 15
Bio: She grew up in a small town, and moved to Spring Falls with her family. She's quiet and shy, and doesn't talk much.
Looks: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Temporary Characters -

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Re: Beginner's RP (G)

Post  amelias-hart on 5th May 2011, 6:23 pm

The Beginner's RP has been reset due to mass changed in Forest mods and unrequested dropping out. So, let's begin again.

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