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Lord of the Rings: The Return of Power (PG-13)

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Lord of the Rings: The Return of Power (PG-13)

Post  amelias-hart on 28th March 2010, 7:20 pm


The Fourth Age had passed, but Middle Earth remained a medieval styled land. It was the beginning of the Fifth Age, and the new Age had begun with the moving of a dark force in the remains of Mordor. A dark thing was moving…
In the end of the Third Age ended the War of the Rings between the West and the East, pitting all free men against the vile and horrible dark master, Sauron, forger of the rings of power, most known for the one true Ring of Power. In which, all races of men fought against the dark lord, men, (of both Gondor and Rohan, and the surviving Westerness men) elves, dwarves, ents (to some extent), wizards, and even the little people, the hobbits. In this Age, Frodo Baggins, assisted by his gardener, Samwise Gamgee, brought the one Ring of Power to the Cracks of Doom in the mists of the land of the Enemy, where Gollum (or Sméagol) took the Ring from Frodo, and fell into the Cracks of Doom with It.
Finally, Middle Earth was at peace. The remains of the orcs were killed, and any other foul creature of Mordor died out. The lands of men returned to peace, Lord Aragorn of Gondor, Éomer King of Rohan, and Faramir of Ithilien, and all other leaders of free men. The dwarves lived in peace under the Lonely Mountain, and soon they retook Moria for their own. The elves passed back to their homeland over the seas. And the Fellowship broke. Boromir passed out over the ocean, never again to be seen by any living soul. Frodo passed over the ocean as well with Gandalf and Bilbo by the Grey Havens. Meriadoc and Peregrin live full and happy lives in the Shire, Pippin becoming Took and Thain. Both died in Gondor beside King Aragorn after living full lives. Samwise was elected mayor of the Shire 7 times, and after his wife Rose died, passed over the ocean through the Grey Havens, the final Ringbearer. Legolas and Gimli passed over the ocean together after the death of Aragorn, Legolas being the last elf in Middle Earth, and an elf was never again seen by a living being in Middle Earth till the end of the Fourth Age. And so, the Fellowship passed.
"And now the Fourth Age has come and gone. It is the ninth year of the Fifth Age. Elves have returned to Middle Earth, and now dwell again in Rivendell, Mirkwood, and Lothlorien. The dwarves live both under the Misty Mountains in Moria and under the Lonely Mountain, and now in the Crystal Caves by Helm’s Deep. The Shire is the same as ever, with its four farthings and all. And men still dwell in most of all the land of Middle Earth. Ents are now more common, having finding the Entwives again, and having Entings. The White Council retook Orthanc as the center of all wizardry. So, Middle Earth is at peace. Or so they all think….
On the borders of Ithilien, a new something stirs. Something is moving in Mordor. A band of scouts report something horrible to Gondor, for these two lands are closest. A new Ring of Power has been forged. And a new Dark Lord sits in the remains of Barad-Dǔr. Gondor jumps to action; the current King orders the surrounding lands to prepare for war. And so a new War of the Ring begins…
Gondor is now constantly on the frontline with new attacks of orcs. But things have yet to be made known. Something new comes to them. This is no ring, and he does not have it. Some one stole the Object of Power. Well, this Object has come to the possession of a hobbit. And not just any hobbit, but the master of Bag End. That’s right, now, where have you heard this before?
So, a council has been called to Rivendell, to see what to be done with this thing. The Bearer has been asked to come, but another familiar asset has been thrown on this board. The Nazgǔl. Though not yet at their full power again, they ride in search of the Bearer. Now, the Bearer must set out on a much similar quest to a hobbit’s quest long ago. Thus the Bearer must set out once more to send this new Ring back into the Cracks of Doom."
It all seemed like a story. A really bizarre sequel to Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. People predicted this book to be the best seller of the year! But was Tolkien's Middle Earth really just a fantasy story? As events played out, this sequel started to actually get really bizzare. A short, middle aged man who lived in a small mainly farming country. The people there were easy going, and food and drink was never lacking. But I'm sure you can guess along the lines later on to what it was really like. This man happened to be pushed out the door one day by an elderly friend onto an adventure of his own. On his way, he stumbled across a ring while he had lost his way.
Some years later, the ring, the least of rings, has been passed down to his heir, a second and first cousin (once removed on either side) of the owner ring. The heir is a sturdy young man, in his youth of course. But things are about to repeat. The young man is about to find out he fell into a story book, and just maybe a history book. So, will you help the Bearer?

Note on Story: This is the sequel to the amazing series Lord of the Rings. These books are my inspiration, but I want to see how this story would continue, if such power returned. I have no idea where it would fit, but we're going to pretend that Middle Earth lines up with somewhere in Europe.

Map: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


~ Keep cursing to a minimum
~ No all OOC posts
~ Please try to post at least one sentence, but you can post more.
~ Third person only! First person is confusing!
~ Characters may had kids, but don't describe it!
~ Wizards and Nazgul must be men! The Company does not have to be
~ Send profiles to me titled “Power” with a pig in it.

Rules Concerning the Fellowship:

~ No more than one character person can be in the Fellowship
~ The Bearer must be male
~ The Wizard in the Fellowship must be the Grey Wizard
~ The Nứmenớrean in the Company will be the King or Queen of the new Gondor
~ The Human in the Company will die. Be willing to give up this charrie
~ The Fellowship members have guidance from the former person in their position in the Original Fellowship. There are only 9 of these profiles for the Fellowship members


Humans Then – The most common race in all of Middle Earth. Vary in stature and common appearance
Humans Now - Unchanged

Elves Then – Fair and nimble, this race is known for their beauty and wisdom, and magic aura (The model for an orc)
Elves Now - While shorter in stature, and less noticable of their ears and aura, elves still are a little different from others. Most don't notice they are different until they met another Elf.

Ents Then – A huge tree like person, the model for the troll
Ents Now - Unchanged

Dwarves Then – A short race, known for their mining and crafting, live mainly underground in the mountains
Dwarves Now - Higher in stature, but still harder workers, and have a love for gold and jewels, save the line of Gimli, who holds a strong connection with working with the Gift the Lady of the Wood gave him

Hobbits Then – Shorter than dwarves, lived in the Shire, and are content with their land, and simple things
Hobbits Now - Little changed, though the biggest would be the common height amoung hobbits now

Nứmenớreans Then – A race that has both elf and human blood in it. The Kings of Gondor are of this race
Nứmenớreans Now - Little changed. They are usually strong leaders

Wizards Then – A race of magic, looks like men, but have much longer lives, and can use magic. Only five, one being in the future fellowship.
Wizards Now - Just as rare, so few make note of them anymore

Nazgǔl Then – A dark race, there are only nine, former kings
Nazgǔl Now - Unchanged

Orcs Then – A race created in mockery of the elves, varying in size
Orcs Now - Mostly unchanged. Some have become more human like

Trolls Then – A race created in mockery of the ents, around ten feet tall usually
Trolls Now - Same as orcs, besides for them to become more human like, they shrink

Major Kingdoms:

Lonely Mountain



Leaders ~

King/Queen of Gondor Silver/This Chic
Steward of Gondor -/-

King of the Mark (Rohan) -/-
Queen of the Mark (Rohan) -/-

Mayor of the Shire -/-

King of Ithilien -/-
Queen of Ithilien -/-

Lady of the Wood (Elf leader) -/-
Master of the Forest (Elf leader) -/-

Dark Lord -/-

Nazgǔl ~


Fellowship ~

Bearer (hobbit, male) -/-
Hobbit -/-
Hobbit -/-
Hobbit -/-
Elf -/-
Dwarf -/-
Wizard (Grey) -/-
Human (Of Gonder) -/-
Nứmenớrean (King or Queen of Gonder) Silver/This Chic

White Council ~

White (head) -/-
Grey -/-
Brown -/-
Black Seth/This Chic
Blue -/-

Character Profiles:

Hello, I am [b](full name)[/b] of [b](Kingdom)[/b], but people call me [b](nickname)[/b]. I am [b](age)[/b], and a(n) [b](race)[/b]. In life, society sees me as (part of) [b](rank, job, or cannon)[/b]. Before now, I [b](bio)[/b]. Now, I am fighting for [b](side)[/b]. I am skilled with [b](weapon)[/b], and known for [b](quality)[/b]. (Next sentence, depending on side is:

Good ~ For Middle Earth, I will fight for till the end!
Neutral ~ Middle Earth, what will your fate be?
Evil ~ Middle Earth, you will be at my knees.)

Hello, I am [b](full name)[/b] of [b](Kingdom[/b], but people call me [b](nickname)[/b]. I was [b](age)[/b] before I died, and am a(n) [b](race)[/b]. In life, society saw me as (part of) [b](rank, job, or cannon)[/b]. Before then, I [b](bio)[/b]. Now, I am fighting along side [b](child)[/b]. I can help my child when they use [b](weapon)[/b], and the trait that shows from me is [b](quality)[/b]. For Middle Earth, I will guide my child to your protection!


Silver (Aragorn)

OOC chat, profiles listed here! Link:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Re: Lord of the Rings: The Return of Power (PG-13)

Post  amelias-hart on 28th March 2010, 7:23 pm

This RP is approved by the mod squad.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Re: Lord of the Rings: The Return of Power (PG-13)

Post  amelias-hart on 19th November 2010, 9:44 pm

Isabella leaned back at the Prancying Pony. It was an inn in Bree, a little town outside of her homeland, the Shire. She smiled as she watched a few others toast one another, and sit down. Most of them were Brandybucks, like her, and had come with her from Buckland. She liked Bree. It was nice to get out of the Shire every once and while. It gave her time to think as they passed the downs on the roads. She often found it odd how her life seemed to match up with Tolkien's books so often. She thought it was probably just some big program someone made that she happened to be born into. What ever it was, she didn't really mind, and enjoyed the company of the inn while she could.

Silver sat down outside Bree. She flipped through her copy of The Fellowship of the Ring, comparing the city then and now. They certainly were close, and this town, and the surrounding ones (as well as the Shire off to her west) didn't have many cars, and if they did, they were old beat up ones, and rarely used. The people out here liked simple things, and working the land as it was with what they could get easily. She liked that. She had traveled much of Europe, between here and the Misty Mountains, and besides Rivendell, this was amoung one of her favorite spots, even though the locals didn't like her comings all the much.

Seth walked down the gold and silver paths of Lothlorien. He had been coming here more and more often. A few of the elves here had been researching the connections between the present the Tolkien's books. It seemed more and more a chance each day that the books were real and not fiction. As a wizard, Seth had been well aware of the different races much sooner than most were. Elves had a knack for picking out other elves, and hobbits sometimes, but wizards seemed to have a real knack for it. No matter what, he could tell the difference between a man and a hobbit and so on. Some were certainly more easy than others. He walked into a large room at the end of a path between the mallorn trees. It was on the ground, rare for elves, but neccesary for this room. This was the main library and research center for the elves and all other races, if they had the guts to come in. He walked over to an elf, and tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up, and then back to the silm, silver computer, and said, "Afternoon, Seth. What brings the black wizard to Lothlorien today?" Seth looked over her shoulder at the computer, and said, "Same as before, Kelly, connections to the past. These will prove useful for my Council if it's proved true. Every day it seems as if it were." Kelly chuckled, and went on with her work. She said, "Well, if any more news gets in today, I'll call for you. The Lord and the Lady seem to have taken a liking to you. The Lady even had a room prepared for you in the east side of the city. You should get some rest. Isengard is a ways away, and no doubt you came from further." Seth chuckled, and said, "I get it, I get it. I'll get out of your hair. But don't back down on your word. I want that news as soon as I can!" As Seth walked out, Kelly waved her hand in a way of saying "Yeah, yeah." He rolled his eyes, and walked towards the east side of town.

Dream sighed, and fingered her dagger. It was a little blue blade that paired well with her gun when she needed to use it. She looked around the docks as men raced by. She rolled her eyes, and turned to the ocean. After a while, her trance was broken by the sound of high heeled boots walking down the wooden docks. She looked up to see the wealthy arisotrat, Midnight Silverdust, or as everyone who worked outside the docks and villages of Harad called her, Dusk. The woman was chilling, even for a heartless person like Dream. She sheathed her dagger, and fingered her gun, but the woman just walked right pass. She followed her until she got abroad her ship, where Dream turned away.

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Re: Lord of the Rings: The Return of Power (PG-13)

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