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The Sun Sets At Dawn (PG-13)

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The Sun Sets At Dawn (PG-13)

Post  amelias-hart on 29th January 2011, 5:42 pm

The Sun Sets At Dawn (PG-13)

A white wolf races through the woods. Creatures scatter at the sound of her heavy breathing and the sound of her race. As she runs, the sun sinks behind the horizon. Dawn on this side. The white she-wolf stops as a lake cuts her off. The reflection of the moon shines at its full.
Then, pursuit comes at last. The she-wolf turns, prepared for battle. As the sun sets, her body is wrapped with red markings, and her fur lengthens out at her legs like feathers on a horse, but stand instead of hang. She growls as a black wolf comes out of the woods, two following. They have a similar appearance to the she-wolf, save they have a black coat and blue markings.
The leader, a male, sneers, "Looks like we've caught you at last, Amaterasu. You mock the very name of that she-wolf. You think because you have the same name as her, that you can be some great hero? Ha! Don't make me laugh."
The she-wolf growls, and says, "You think because you follow Yami that you have power. Ha! Don't make me laugh!"
The male growls at the she-wolf, and replies, "What hope do you have here? The sun sinks at dawn every day, and every day at dawn we get more and more powerful. Soon, we will be able to return to that world. And you will not, Amaterasu." The two wolves behind him summon black versions of the sword Tsumugari and begin to advance towards the white wolf.
The she-wolf growls, prepared to fight. The wind blew, and the she-wolf prepared to fight. But the wind stopped her. She closed her eyes, the sun bright in them. She sighed, having to back away from a fight was not her favorite idea. The wolf turned, and leapt into the lake. A flying leap. She landed in the reflection of the moon, and she began to sink as she dived.
As she floated down through the water, she heard a voice, "Find them. You must find them. They are in the True World. We, the Guardians of Brush, have opened the way for you to that world. But in doing so, we have opened the way for the Followers of Yami. Find them. You must find them."
Even as she sunk, the legend that Amaterasu had long known floated through her mind. The great celestial wolf Amaterasu, who had defeated Yami so many years ago, and the 13 brushstrokes that were known. It was said that the powers of the Guardians of the Brush would pass their power down, handing it off to wolves of the True World.
The True World. Amaterasu had heard so much about it. It was, to her, a place of legend until now. It was, well, the real world. Amaterasu's pack had been banished to the Reflection World by the Followers of Yami by convincing the 12 packs other to send her there. When those packs learned that they had been tricked, they sent the Followers there as well.
Amaterasu was the last of her pack. She knew what she must do. In the True World, she must find the wolf in each of the packs that inherited one of the 12 other brush strokes. She said as the world began to flip, "I'll have the sun to guide me." The world went bright, and the wolf fainted as she floated to the top, washing to shore.

Note on story: This is based on Okami, the game. Kinda a twist, but now they are all wolves, though there are other animals. Yes, I know that the game calls them Brush Gods, but I'm calling them Guardians of the Brush because I call them star elementals.


~ Keep cursing to a minimum
~ No playing as other people players, unless they allow it
~ No all ooc posts
~ Follow all other rules for RPs
~ Post in third person only
~ You can be up to 4 pack leaders, but no more than that!
~ Pack Leaders are decedents of the Guardians of the Brush
~ Send profiles to me titled "Dawn" with a monkey in it


Amaterasu Pack - The Amaterasu Pack is said to be the decedents of the first Amaterasu's son. They where exiled to the Reflection World when the Followers of Yami tricked the other 12 packs into banishing them. No one really knows the actually reason. The Amaterasu pack had much less power than the first Amaterasu, left only with the ability Sunrise, to call on the sun. There is only one remaining member of this pack is the second Amaterasu.

Yomigami Pack - The Yomigami Pack lives in the ruins of towns because of the Brush Stroke their leader has. Rejuvenation, the ability to restore things. They have a number of dragon paintings around their den.

Tachigami Pack - The Tachigami Pack is slightly scattered all over the ruins of Sei'an City, and in the woods. Even though their symbol is the mouse, they are fiercest and strongest pack without a doubt. Their leader uses Power Slash, letting nothing take their land.

Bakugami Pack - The Bakugami Pack lives on the ocean side, where the stars are the most open, and there is plenty of powder for their own bombs. Their leader can preform Cherry Bomb, and with the technique, few packs try to take their land, though all envy their fireworks. They have have a boar painting in their den.

Sakigami Pack - The Sakigami Pack is one of the three sisters packs. Though this pack lives in Hana Valley, with their leader having the ability to preform Bloom. They have a monkey painting in their den.

Hasugami Pack - The Hasugami Pack is one of the three sister packs. Their den is by Sakuya's tree in what is left of Kamiki Village. They like to stay by the water as their leader can preform Water Lily. They have a monkey painting in their den.

Tsutagami Pack - The Tsutagami Pack is one of the three sister packs. Their den is in Agata Forest, though they have a great love for the Tsuta Ruins where the blossoms grow, and their leader's Brush Stroke is best, which is Vine. They have a monkey painting in their den.

Nuregami Pack - The Nuregami Tribe is well known in Ryoshima Coast, where the ocean is very aloning for their leader's Brush Stroke. The leader can preform the three forms of Nuregami's brush stroke, waterspout, fountain and deluge, with is the ability to move water, cause it to shot into the air like an elevator, and to cause rain. They have a painting of a serpent along the floor of their den, with the head ending at the leader's nest.

Yumigami Pack - Yumigami Pack lives in the denser half of the Agata Forest, though they often butt heads with the Tsutagami Pack. This pack works best under the moon, which their leader can draw using the technique Crescent. They have a rabbit painted in their den.

Kazegami Pack - The Kazegami Pack live in Taka Pass, where the winds are the most open. With their leader have the ability to use the two forms of Kazegami's brush stroke, galestorm and whirlwind, the winds are at the mercy of the Kazegami Pack. They have a iron tipped tapestry of a horse.

Moegami Pack - The Moegami Pack lives in the Moon Cave, even though the place has a depressing past. The Moegami Pack keeps the place well lit due to their leader's inherited skill, Inferno and Fireburst, giving the leader the ability to move fire and start great spheres of it. They keep the ancient statue of the phoenix in the base of their den.

Kasugami Pack - The Kasugami Pack lives in the remains of the royal castle in Sei'an City. They sometimes have run-ins with the Tachigami Pack, but for the most part, the Kasugami Pack stays inside the castle. Their leader leads hunting parties outside of the palace used their skill, veil of mist to slow time and mist warp to go to different locations in the land. They have a statue of a sheep in their den.

Kabegami Pack - The Kabegami Pack lives on top of Catcall Tower off the coast of of Ryoshima. They rarely leave as the ocean provides them with all the food they need. Their leader can use the skill Catwalk to make the walls of Catcall Tower accessible for all members of pack. They have a massive statue of a cat atop the tower.

Gekigami Pack - The Gekigami Pack lives in the Shinshu Field, mainly near a metallic tower with their symbol, tiger, carved on it. The Gekigami Pack has run-ins with the Bakugami Pack often, though they try to stay to the northern region of the fields, while the other stays near the water. Their leader can preform Thunderstorm and Thunderbolt, giving the leader the ability to move and create lightening.

Itegami Pack - The Itegami Pack lives in Kamui, and they rarely see anything in the arctic region of Nippon save the snow. There is a statue of an ox in the remains of the Oina Village, where their den is. Their leader uses the Blizzard and Icestorm skills to move and create ice and snow.

The Followers of Yami - The Followers of Yami were banished to the Reflection World after the other packs learned they had been tricked to banish the Amaterasu Pack. One there, they killed off the Amaterasu Pack until it was down to the second Amaterasu. When the Guardians opened the way back to the True World, they followed a few days after the second Amaterasu landed. They, like all other wolves who have inherited powers from the Guardians of the Brush, can summon divine instruments.

Divine Instruments -

The leaders of each pack, and the Followers of Yami, can summon tools used by the first Amaterasu. These weapons each have their own magic, and some packs prefer one above the other.

Divine Retribution
Snarling Beast
Infinity Judge
Trinity Mirror
Solar Flare (Only available during the full moon)
Devout Beads
Life Beads
Exorcism Beads
Resurrection Beads
Tundra Beads
Seven Strike
Blade of Kusanagi
Eighth Wonder
Thunder Edge

Canine Warriors -

Eight wolves with a different symbol for each. They live in the ruins of Kusa Village, where the original Canine Warriors lived.

Cannons -

New Canine Warriors ~
Brotherhood -/-
Faith -/-
Knowledge -/-
Honor -/-
Wisdom -/-
Duty -/-
Loyalty -/-
Justice -/-

Pack Leaders ~
Amaterasu Pack Amaterasu/This Chic
Yomigami Pack -/-
Tachigami Pack -/-
Bakugami Pack -/-
Sakigami Pack -/-
Hasugami Pack -/-
Tsutagami Pack -/-
Nuregami Pack -/-
Yumigami Pack Rali/This Chic
Kazegami Pack Cancer/This Chic
Moegami Pack -/-
Kasugami Pack -/-
Kabegami Pack Ute/This Chic
Gekigami Pack -/-
Itegami Pack -/-
Followers of Yami -/-

Ranks -

In the packs, there are main ranks. Which one determines your placing in the pack
Leader - Leaders are the alpha of the pack. They can use a brush technique, and can summon divine instruments. The next leader will be one of the children of the leader, not the Jishou.
Jishou - The second in command of the pack. They step in for the leader, but do not become the leader if the leader dies.
Chiyu - The healer of the pack. They have a gift to use stars to heal with herbs or other things are not available for curing.
Ryoushi - The hunters of the pack. They assemble parties, and then get the consent from the leader. They are trained in minor defense.
Bushi - The warriors of the pack. They assemble patrols, and then get the consent of the leader. They are trained in minor hunting skills.
Kyūkei - Those wolves that are too old, too young, she-wolves that are caring for pups, or wounded wolves are under this title.



[right]People call me [b](name)[/b]
I am a [b](gender)[/b]
I am part of the [b](Pack name)[/b] Pack
I am this [b](rank)[/b] in my Pack[/right]
[left]Some thing people don’t know is: [b](history)[/b]
I prefer this divine instrument: [b](Which divine instrument do they prefer to use? Only for leaders, leave out if not rank.)[/b][/left]
[right]My favorite person is [b](user)[/b][/right]

Characters -


OOC chat, profiles here:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Re: The Sun Sets At Dawn (PG-13)

Post  amelias-hart on 29th January 2011, 5:43 pm

This RP is approved by the mod squad!

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Re: The Sun Sets At Dawn (PG-13)

Post  amelias-hart on 29th January 2011, 6:24 pm

Rali looked at the white coated wolf that lay in her Chiyu's den. The wolf was passed out from too much water in take. She nudged the wolf's shoulder. This certainly wasn't one of her wolves, and it wasn't one of the Bushi of the Tsutagami Pack. She would have seen her before. Was it a wolf from another pack? The she-wolf lowered her silver head down to the wolf. It began to stir. The white wolf's eyes blinked open, and Rali took a step back. The white wolf rolled to her paws, seemingly fine. Rali said, "Who are you?" She had a commanding tone in her voice. The wolf looked at her, and said, "My name is Amaterasu." Rali took a step forward in wonder, and questioned in awe, "Of the Amaterasu Pack? But they were banished to the Reflection World." Amaterasu leaned onto her paws, and said, "The Guardians helped me return." Rali turned to her Chiyu, "Leave us." She turned back to Amaterasu.

Cancer looked at his pack as he lifted his head from the river where he was drinking. They were resting as the sun began to rise. The day was about to begin. Dawn. Cancer felt a connection to the hour. He closed his eyes, and felt the wind in his coat. He opened his eyes, and headed down to his pack.

Ute made the careful ascent up the tower, two of her pack members behind her. The wall was glowing a golden color where the wolves could walk. It was timed. Ute saw the next ledge, and curved their trail to the left to land on it. Waiting for her pack members to drop their paws on the stone, Ute hung on the side of the wall. Once they were safe, and landed, and sat on the stone outlook to rest. They were barely a quarter up the side.

Zectu walked through the ruins of the Moon Cave. It once had been crawing with Imps and other foul creatures under the control of Yami's pet, Orichi. He hated the thought of that, but there were many torches here for their leader, and the Glittering Caves were a wonder when lit. Yes, even if this place had a scarred past, it had a beauty still. Zectu kept walking, and sat outside the leader's den.

Bayse splashed in the water, with a few other Ryoushi behind her. She smiled, and then looked at the sun. It was just after dawn. She stopped, and said, "We need to start hunting, or we're going to be in trouble." The others nodded, and Bayse turned to the water to start fishing.

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Re: The Sun Sets At Dawn (PG-13)

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