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The Sapphire Isles Heist

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The Sapphire Isles Heist Empty The Sapphire Isles Heist

Post  Dahlia on 8th February 2017, 1:36 am

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Hushed voices speak of a legendary treasure, once thought to be completely fabricated. The fabled treasure of the Sapphire Isles. Of course, most talk of the treasure is quickly dismissed because no one knows the true location of the Sapphire Isles, or if they even truly exist. It's quite hard to put your faith into something that may or may not exist.

You've heard the same stories told time and time again about the treasure. Most of the stories were about the same: mountains of gold, riches beyond a king's imagination, blah blah blah. It all sounded too good to be true, so you'd written it off as an old thief's folly.

Though as you listen to the conversation, you notice something different about this particular story. While the person telling it may not realize exactly what they've stumbled upon, you pick up on the bits of truth embedded among the same old lies. Your heart beats a little quick, "Could it be true?"

You lean in a little closer, trying to hear exactly what is being said. It turns out a group of talented individuals is being formed. You know you could definitely use some gold to feed your bad habits, plus, your skills are going to waste lounging around as a bar-hop all day and night.

Why not? You decide. It's better to see if this group has any potential to actually succeed.

You manage to overhear that a meeting will be taking place in a remote location in a few days time, so you pack up what little you carry and set off, hoping to come out much richer than you could ever imagine.

Whether or not you succeed is going to depend on your skills, ability to tell friend from foe, and how much you want to find that treasure (i.e., what you're willing to do for it.)

When you've got a group of thieves together for the sake of finding enormous wealth, just about anything goes.


[size=24]Full Name[/size][/center]

[right][i]People call me:[/i] name
[i]I am really:[/i] years old
[i]Some thing people don’t know is:[/i] history
[left][i]My talents are: [/i] Stuff like great lock picker, thief and explorer type skill sets.
[i]I act like:[/i] personality

Helpful Information


So, the era for this is a bit custom. While things like cell phones and the internet aren't really a thing, it is still more modern. Planes are older models and more expensive, and boats are doing a bit better. Land travel is still mainly horses for rough terrain, though cars are a thing. Again, a bit older technology though, so if you're wanting to get up and go without a ton of money, you've got a horse.

Humans are going to be the only playable race for this RP, just to keep things simple.

I'll have a 'guide' of sorts that is setting the whole thing up. So, everyone can meet up in said town in said remote location, and we'll go from there. For the sake of simplicity, let's make it a back room in a bar. The town is next to the ocean, since they'll be setting out to sea.

Explorers and thieves are going to be the main chunk of the group. If there's another type of person you can think that would be helpful, go for it.

Oh, and since this is a bit more of a realistic RP (lol), magic is not really going to be a thing. Unless there might be some magical traps in the Sapphire Isles, but we'll see how that goes when we get there.


1. Post profiles in the OOC chat, just wait for me to look them over before immediately posting. (I doubt there will be many issues though.)
2. No graphic as fuck details. Want sex? Have sex. But don't tell me about the touching of the genitals. Same goes if any deaths happen. They might, who knows.
3. Don't be a dick.

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