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Wolf Prints Moderation Empty Wolf Prints Moderation

Post  amelias-hart on 1st February 2017, 10:43 pm

So, you would like to make sure this forum's users are following the rules. This position is a volunteer one, so your commitment to keeping our community healthy is greatly appreciated. Before you apply for this position, make sure that you can check off the whole list below.

- Have read and understand the forum's rules
- Are willing to reread rules when they change
- 50 posts on your account, across the forum, that are in coherence with the rules
- Are able to separate personal bias in order to perform tasks fairly
- Can be active on the site on a weekly basis (about 10 posts a week)
- Additional: If you have joined the forum tutorial club called "Admin's Apprentices," you need to have completed the "course" in order to qualify. This just makes sure we know that you know how the site's basics work before we give you additional tools.

If you can check all of those off, congrats! You qualify to be part of our "mod squad" here on Wolf Prints. That said, this is a list of the duties for the Mod Squad:

- Maintain a healthy environment
- Keeping the forum active
- Be approachable and willing to communicate to others
- Being dependable
- Being clear when post is a mod action and when a post is a user, indicated with the "mod voice" (bolded and colored text to match username).

Pretty basic, right. Just keep in mind, there are a few things I will be keeping an eye out for that can get your position revoked.

- Abusing your position and additional tools
- Breaking rules in threads, private messages, or the chatbox
- Stepping on other mods' sections without permission

Really, the mod position is just like a regular user, but a mod can directly take action to issues that arise. Mods do not get special treatment, they just get special abilities and will be held accountable for using those abilities.

To keep work easy for each mod though, mods are assigned to particular sections of the forum. No mod will oversee the whole forum (besides me), though they can coordinate with each other to make sure a rule is being followed and as long as it is posted publicly, mods can take over for others for temporary periods of time. Here is the breakdown of sections and how many mods will be assigned to each section. These numbers will adjust to match activity on the forum. If activity is at an awkward position, some mods may be given bunches of sections just to lighten my load but without overfilling the position.

News & Welcoming - I oversee this section alone.
The Forest (And subsections) - Not currently assigning mods
Paintings On the Wall (and subsections) - Not currently assigning mods
Under the Stars - Not currently assigning mods
The Gathering Place - Not currently assigning mods
Alpha or Omega - Not currently assigning mods
Personal Blogs - Not currently assigning mods
Howl You Can Help - All mods will watch this section of the forum

With all that set out, this is what I would like to see below about why I should give you this position.

- Why do you want to be a mod?
- What are some skills that make you qualified for this position?
- What sections of the forum would you like to moderate (give me at least three)?
- What color do you want your mod voice to be (two mods don't get the same color)?

That's about it. If there are any further questions, feel free to ask. Thank you for your interest and I hope that cleared some things up.

My mod voice is teal, like the color for my snarky dwarf mage.
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