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Meow Meow Online (PG-13)

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Meow Meow Online (PG-13)

Post  amelias-hart on 25th January 2015, 3:34 pm

~ Story ~

Meow Meow Online has been a mainstream MMO for years. It started from its basic origins of just a 2.5D point and click adventure, before trading hands a bunch to become a full fledged 3D MMO of outstanding success. The art style took the American gaming community by storm, and soon, nearly anyone who called themselves a gamer had played at least 20 levels into the game. What really took Meow Meow Online to the next level of fame was its conversion to TotalImmersion technology, the new generation of virtual reality. Unlike other games running on TotalImmersion, Meow Meow Online insisted that players scan in their actual appearances for the game. The developers stated this would help with immersion in the game. Whether or not that was true, the marketing for this policy made Meow Meow Online a huge topic of conversation, and even more popular than it was before. Where the game goes from here is a mystery to everyone though.

~ Rules & Gameplay ~

- All terms for the Forest apply. Be sure to read them

- When submitting profiles to me, list a number for each of your characters. Preferably, do these all together at the top or bottom of your message so I can find them all. The purpose for this will be revealed later on in the RP

- This may become a co-owned RP in the future. I'm trying to convince uhandar to join me with it because he helped me write so much of the character info and some of the direction I'm gonna send this through. Will be listed in the future if that changes

- So...sex...just don't be cheesy with it, and mark the details in spoilers so those who wanna be like that can read it and those who don't can avoid it

- I will try to make a map as areas are created, but feel free to develop areas that you wanna see. The map will just be for reference then as we go along

- If you're going to play a "hard-core" gamer, then they must have their race and classes matching as listed below with which class fits best with which race

- Everyone is sterile! This takes place mostly within a virtual world, so reproduction is not possible

- Gore is also not plausible inside a virtual world. Violence and swearing are allowed, but keep in mind that physical pain is difficult to feel in this world as it affects the real bodies

- If you want to, list your character's HP and MP in your comment so people know how they are doing. But be realistic either way. Your character is not invincible, and will be weak to certain attacks based on their class. There is still respawning though

- You do not have to own a guild to have it. Just create a background character to own it

- Guilds cost 10 Gold to found

- As far as levels are concerned, there are currently 150. Because the conversion to TotalImmersion is recent, no one has gotten back to this level yet. The highest level currently reached is 90. The first 20 levels of the game are fairly easy for players, as they are a buffer training period. Dying only sends them back to a respawn point. Dying at a higher level causes them to loose 40% of the experience needed to level again (If a player needs 100 exp to level, then they would loose 40 exp, even if it sent them back a level)

- There is a quest that "promotes" players in the game at about level 35. This quest makes players more powerful, but forces them to choose one weapon to master

- The currency ingame runs like this: 1000 Copper to every Silver. 100 Silver to every Gold. 100 Gold to every Platinum. 10 Platinum to every Gem. Gems are the only currency that can be bought outside of the game and used in the exclusive item store, and they can also be traded for money in real life  

- I will keep a list of characters, their classes, races, guilds, and levels both in the OOC chat. Just a list of character names and guilds will be here

- Send profiles with me titled "MMO" with those numbers I asked for. Once I approve them, you are welcome to post them to the OOC chat and start playing

~ Races ~

Neko - The first race added to the game. They are a cat people, with feline ears and tails. Their evasion and fast attack rate race bonuses make they good fighters

Vulpini - The fox people, with big bushy tails and pointed ears. They have have bonuses to speed and short cool downs, making them best suited for rouges

Lupos - The wolf people, with a wolf tail and ears. They have higher defenses and high mana, making them strong tamers

Ursan - The bear people, with short tails and round ears. They have strong defenses and high health, making them excellent for the knight class

Macaca - The monkey people, with long tails and rounded ears. They have high evasion and considerable mana, with makes them perfect for alchemists

Aves - The bird people, with feathered crowns sticking out of their hairs and long tail fans. They have strength and evasion that make them good archers

Lepus - The rabbit people, with small cotton tails and long ears. They have lots of mana and short cool downs, making them talented healers

Equinin - The horse people, with horse tails and skinny ears. They have plenty of mana and lots of strength, which makes them suited for mages

~ Classes ~

Fighter - The Balanced Class. Fighters use small swords, like rapiers and scimitars. They focus on speed and short cool downs. Their attacks aren't the strongest, but their skills let them land plenty of hits that let them deal a lot of damage. The Neko race is best suited for this class

Rouge - The Swift Class. Rouges use knifes or brass knuckles. They focus on speed and evasion. Their plain attacks aren't terribly strong, but their skills leave effects against their enemies while the rouges get away to recover. The Vulpini race is best suited for this class

Tamer - The Summons Class. Tamers carry whips, but they specialize in summoning either Blessed or Infernal creatures to fight for them. They focus on high defenses and having lots of mana. Their weapons are weak, but their summoned creatures are extremely strong, so tamers have to hold out until they can summon again. The Lupos race is best suited for this class

Knight - The Tank Class. Knights carry broadswords and greatswords. They focus on high defense and having lots of mana. While their attacks are strong, they are very slow, so they take the full force of attacks themselves before landing devastating blows. The Ursan race is best suited for this class

Alchemist - The Buff Class. Alchemists use a variety of chemical bombs, and specialize in either warhammers or cannons as a secondary defense. They focus on high evasion and lots of mana. Alchemists have powerful buffs, which make their allies and themselves much stronger. Their bombs ward of close enemies, but with chained buffs, their attacks can be incredible. The Macaca race is best suited for this class

Archer - The Ranged Class. Archers use bows and crossbows. They focus on strength and evasion. Archers may have low defenses, but from a distance they can land crippling blows on enemies. It is important for them to stay away from direct conflict though. The Aves race is best suited for this class

Healer - The Health Class. Healers use maces and hammers. They focus having lots of mana and short cool downs. Healers don't have a lot of health, but they can deal a lot of damage if they have to. They can cast healing spells quickly, to themselves and allies. The Lepus race is best suited for this class

Mage - The Magic Class. Mages use wands and staffs. They focus on high mana and strength. Mages have big attacks that leave status effects behind on the field for enemies. Their basic attacks deal larger amount of damage, but their skills deal staggering damage. The Equinin race is best suited for this class

~ Profile ~

[right][img]Insert Image here[/img][/right]

[size=24][center]Name‚ÄĘCharacter Name[/center][/size]

[left][size=10]Age is nothing BUT a Number[/size]
{ [color=pick color]AGE[/color] }

[size=10]As of joining this, I am[/size]
{ [color=pick color]LEVEL[/color] }

[size=10]I identify as[/size]
{ [color=pick color]GENDER[/color] }

[size=10]Just a warning, I'm[/size]
{ [color=pick color]SEXUAL ORIENTATION[/color] }

[size=10]I adventure as[/size]
{ [color=pick color]CLASS[/color] }

[size=10]I am part of the[/size]
{ [color=pick color]RACE[/color] }

[size=10]Personal? Right...[/size]
{ [color=pick color]BIO[/color] }

[size=10]My Puppet Master is[/size]
{ [color=pick color]USERNAME[/color] }[/left]

[size=24][center]Guild Name[/center][/size]

[left][size=10]I am owned by[/size]
{ [color=pick color]OWNER[/color] }

[size=10]To join me, I require you are[/size]
{ [color=pick color]LEVEL[/color] }

[size=10]My focus as a guild is[/size]
{ [color=pick color]COMBAT, ADVENTURE, SUPPORT, SOCIAL, ETC.[/color] }

[size=10]Besides the owner, I listen to people like[/size]
{ [color=pick color]CLUB LEADERS[/color] }

[size=10]These people rally beneath me...[/size]
{ [color=pick color]MEMBERS[/color] }

[size=10]This guild lives by[/size]
{ [color=pick color]MOTTO[/color] }[/left]

~ Map ~

- Work In Progress -

~ Players ~


~ Guilds ~

- Club Owner
- Club Leaders
- Members

{ Iron Eyes }
- xXWolfSpiritXx
- BlastedRyuu, OddDawn
- LesbianxThespian

~ OOC Chat ~

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Re: Meow Meow Online (PG-13)

Post  amelias-hart on 25th January 2015, 5:30 pm

This RP is approved by the mod squad!

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