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Wolf Prints Site Rules

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Wolf Prints Site Rules

Post  amelias-hart on 1st February 2017, 9:50 pm

This is the current and official set of rules for the site. These rules apply to all sections of the forum. For anyone who has been a member prior to this point and has read the rules, this is a official reset to the rules. There are no additional sub-section rules, it all falls under this set of rules.

1 ) This forum respects all individuals of all walks and creeds. That means hate speech, slurs, or any form of derogatory language is not accepted. This rule can only be excused in instances of fiction (i.e. RPing or posting stories with characters that uses characters who have these characteristics) but only to the extent of fictional use. If moderation feels that these comments are being used to promote hate, your thread will be deleted and your account deleted.

2 ) Following the above rule, slurs and derogatory language isn't allowed. Other forms of swearing it tolerated so long as the thread is accordingly rated. For example, if a RP is PG, don't swear. Be considerate of other users.

3 ) Sexual and graphic content is allowed to an extent. To summarize it briefly, content up to a R/M rating is allowed, but if moderation feels like a thread's content has reached a level that would be more like a Unrated/A rating, the thread will be closed and potentially deleted depending on how severe the content is.

4 ) If content is going to be NSFW, please mark it as such. If graphic images are used, please place them under some sort of filter, like the spoiler code. Again, if this content is extensive beyond the point of a R/M rating, the content will be removed.

5 ) Moderation is stricter on gore than on sexual content. This forum respects sexual expression, but gore is a result of violence or violent thought. One is a healthy and beautiful part of humanity, while the other is a form of destruction. This forum does not support violence, and it will not condone threads that portray violence and gore in a positive and excessive way.

6 ) Unless you own a thread or co-own a thread, don't post multiple times in a row in a thread. Don't rapid-fire post in a thread. Generally, don't spam threads.

7 ) Don't start flame wars. In threads, in the chatbox, in general. People are plenty allowed their own opinions, but if a thread is designed just to insult a topic, it will be closed.

8 ) You are welcome to run businesses through the forum, or advertise other platforms where you do. If your business is proven to be a scam or false advertising, the thread will be closed and your account may be removed.

9 ) Don't impersonate our moderation. We have mods to keep the forum healthy and safe for everyone. Impersonating them just causes problems and confusion. Your account will be deleted for pretending to be a mod.

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