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Luck of the Draw (R)

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Luck of the Draw (R)

Post  amelias-hart on 2nd February 2017, 10:24 pm

Luck Of the Draw

The year is 1609 in the nation of Gebelin. With the country on the verge of war with its neighbor, the capital is abuzz with political unrest. Some are calling for the king’s removal from power. Others are protesting the very war Gebelin sits on edge of. Still others are more concerned with dealing with the underworld emerging inside nation.
To make matters worse, a bulletin board has appeared out of nowhere in the great square of the city. On it is a note that is disquieting the whole capital, which reads:

To the Nation of Gebelin,

While you squabble over your petty problems, you have failed to miss an invasion that has already occurred within your borders. 22 demi-beings reside within the city of Marseille, 22 demi-beings who view you like Playthings. They have taken on Suits to hide themselves, but they will not leave until you call their Bluffs. Each of them possesses powers beyond those you can control, and they will use those powers until they have taken what they desire.

Best of Luck,
The Dealer"

While most people went about their business, the king’s niece, Duchess Ettellia has put out a reward for the discovery of this occult scheme. She has promised the offer of giving the individual who discovers the truth of this scheme anything they wish. And a woman that powerful has the money to back that claim.


- General common courtesy rules apply. Don’t god-mod, your character isn’t perfect, don’t spam, etc. etc.

- When submitting profiles to me, list a number for each of your characters. Preferably, do these all together at the top or bottom of your message so I can find them all. The purpose for this will be revealed later on in the RP

- This is an R RP. Extrapolate as much about what is and isn’t allowed. People will die. Sex can be had. Have fun.

- There is going to be a map of Marseille. Most of the story will take place there, within the city.

- There is a class system in Gebelin. Your characters cannot ignore it. They can disagree with it, but they cannot ignore it. That doesn’t mean any one class is better than the others (and I’ll give pros and cons for those below), but it does mean your characters cannot just skip around to whatever class is convenient.

- Magic is minimal in this world. While everyone has an element, very few people can actually utilize that magic. You can’t utilize multiple elements, even if your parents each had different elements.

- There are 22 demi-beings. To start, you can play a max of 3. This may increase depending on how many people join. When you submit a character you want to be a demi-being, give me three titles you’d like that character to have from the list below. You cannot give the same three from all three characters you submit (i.e. If you submit three characters and want the Fool, the Hermit, and Death for all three of them, I will only give a title to one). If all three you selected are taken, I’ll ask you to pick again.

- If titles aren’t taken, I will act on behalf of them until they are filled. I will also be in control of the Dealer, and as such I won’t be playing any titles unless we get to a point where only a few spots aren’t filled.

- This RP is about investigation and deduction. The “goal” is to uncover all 22 demi-beings. You don’t have to kill them. You can help them, ignore them, fight them, whatever. So long as you uncover them, they will leave after they have completed their goal or are killed. Keep this in mind when you’re requesting titles.

- To further complicate this point, there is nothing that states the intentions of the demi-beings. It can be anything, on whatever moral side of the compass you want to do. Just try to be thematic, like this RP is.

- Demi-beings can work to uncover other demi-beings. This does not have to be their goals, just something they do.

- Keep in mind that the demi-beings powers are tells about who they are. Use them at your own risk of being found out.

- To keep things simple, there is a central Christian based faith in Gebelin. Your character doesn’t have to follow it (unless they’re in the clergy), but it’s there.

- If one of your characters with a title would like to communicate with another character or post to the mysterious bulletin board, communicate those messages through me.

- Unless you’re trying to get a title for a character, you can just submit profiles straight to the OOC chat. I will keep a list of characters organized by class at the bottom of the RP.

The Cards and Destiny

Much like we have our zodiac, the world of Gebelin has the Cards. When a child is born, a card is drawn to determine something about their fate. This will be used for hints from the Dealer. You can use this for thoughts about character creation as well if you want to, but I will be using this system to give out clues regardless of whether you consider it. Not all types of traits may be present in a person.

If a Club is Drawn: The child will either wield fire, live in poverty, or be a creative person.

If a Diamond is Drawn: The child will either wield earth, live as a merchant, or value the material.

If a Heart is Drawn: The child will either wield water, live as a clergy, or value emotions.

If a Spade is Drawn: The child will either wield air, live in the nobility or military, or be a reason-based person.


Peasant - This is the poorest of the poor. This class is known for being hard-working, but undereducated
Pros: Strength in numbers, freedom above and below the streets, resilient
Cons: Low income, unwelcome in the upper districts, illiterate

Merchant - Our working middle class, this part of society makes sure the city stays alive financially.
Pros: Steady source of revenue, contacts around the city, trained craftsmen
Cons: Working hours apply, poor reputation, bound by law

Clergy - Without the holy men and women, sin would have long taken over Gebelin long ago.
Pros: Welcome everywhere, loved by the people, respected without correction
Cons: Morally bound, holy service comes first, church doesn’t pay

Military - The best and brightest of Gebelin, these soldiers serve with their lives for the security of their country.
Pros: Trained in combat, cheered by the city, accepted in the upper class
Cons: Feared by the poor, always on duty, no secrets from the crown

Nobility - What’s kingdom without the nobles to rule it?
Pros: Lavish wealth, educated, can turn the eye of the law
Cons: No lonely roads are safe, extremely noticeable, few mourners

There is no “Criminal” class. Criminals can be from any tier in the class system.

Titles of the 22 Demi-Beings

The Magician - The Magician can use psychic magics to force people to change themselves, a trait at a time.
The Priestess - The Priestess can gain or give basic knowledge vital to a particular situation and retain that knowledge.
The Empress - The Empress can force an individual to act, on any action they want.
The Emperor - The Emperor can gain or give mastery of a particular subject for an hour.
The Pope - The Pope can teleport anywhere in the city without any wait.
The Lover - The Lover can force a person close enough to them to reveal anything they want to know.
The Chariot - The Chariot can gain or give a victory in battle to a single person.
Justice - Justice can force two individuals into being matched equals, taking and giving equally to both parties to balance them out.
The Hermit - The Hermit can bring the attention of law enforcers toward or away from them.
The Wheel of Fortune - The Wheel of Fortune can cause a positive coincidence to happen.
Fortitude - Fortitude can make them or someone else stronger, either mentally or physically.
The Hanged Man - The Hanged Man can gain or give popularity, causing the person to become extremely noticeable.
Death - Death can take on any form them wish.
Temperance - Temperance can make them or someone else weaker, either mentally or physically.
The Devil - The Devil can cause a negative coincidence to happen.
The Tower - The Tower can create illusions.
The Star - The Star can make someone see their greatest wish.
The Moon - The Moon can make someone see their greatest fear.
The Sun - The Sun can force themselves or someone to lose the ability to move.
The Creation - The Creation can create any object.
The World - The World can control time.
The Fool - The Fool can force themselves or someone to lose control over their senses.


Coming Soon



[left][size=10]Age is nothing BUT a Number[/size]
{ [color=pick color]AGE[/color] }

[size=10]I am part of the[/size]
{ [color=pick color]CLASS[/color] }

[size=10]I identify as[/size]
{ [color=pick color]GENDER[/color] }

[size=10]Just a warning, I'm[/size]
{ [color=pick color]SEXUAL ORIENTATION[/color] }

[size=10]I can wield[/size]
{ [color=pick color]ELEMENT[/color] }

[size=10]I look a little something like[/size]
{ [color=pick color]APPEARANCE (Feel free to use a picture instead)[/color] }

[size=10]Personal? Right...[/size]
{ [color=pick color]BIO[/color] }

[size=10]I’m kind of a[/size]
{ [color=pick color]PERSONALITY (3 positive and 3 negative traits)[/color] }







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