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One House (PG-13)

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One House (PG-13) Empty One House (PG-13)

Post  s o f t ♥ l u l l a b y on 10th November 2010, 8:06 pm

Teenagers have been chosen to attend a summer camp. But this is no ordinary summer camp, with little hikes and campires with smores. In this summer camp, teenagers will be seperated into two teams, and forced to live under one roof, girls on one wing of the house, boys on the other. The teams will face all sorts of brutal challenges, and live together in the dormitory. In addition to this, they have to deal with their crushes, falling in love, heartbreak, camp gossip, betrayals by their closest, aliances, and all sorts of teenage drama to top it off. Will they crack under the pressure? Or will they rise to the top?

O.O.C CHAT: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


1.) Send all applications to me, entitled, "Yay, it's a summer camp!"

2.) Cursing is allowed, but keep it as infrequent as you can. I expect the "a" word to look like "a*s", the "b" word to look like "b***h", and the "s" word to look like "sh*t". No using the "f" word, as there are little kiddies.

3.) Romance is allowed, and in fact, encouraged. But nothing indecent.

4.) Now, you can make any character you want, however you want. But, when RPing, please, do not make them extremely out of character. (ex. The mean girl suddenly being sweet with no hidden agenda.)

5.) Violence allowed, but nothing extreme. (ex. Like a character backflipping without any gymnastics expirence, or someone killing another.)

6.) Be descriptive. I mean, no one liners. Two liners at the very least.

7.) Be curtious. Let's not go beyond three pages of back - to - back RPing, unless another RPer hasn't RPed in more then two or three days.

8.) I want a varrying range of sterotypes. But, I do not want any Mary - Sue's. (ex. Nothing like "The Gothic soccer player, who can play any instrument and sing amazingly and dance the pants off of you and is goregous". I want flaws, people.

9.) Characters can bring only one pet.


Character Profiles:

Full Name:


Height / Weight:





What Will They Bring?:

To Avoid Confusion, Do You Want Your Character To Be Paired With Another?:

Favorite Song?:

Why Are They Coming To One House?:

Any Ex's We Should Worry About? (Think carefully about this one ; their ex can be crazy and you can bring them into the camp!):

Anything Else?:

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s o f t ♥ l u l l a b y
s o f t ♥ l u l l a b y

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One House (PG-13) Empty Re: One House (PG-13)

Post  Dahlia on 10th November 2010, 8:10 pm

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This RP is approved by the Mod Squad!

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One House (PG-13) Empty Re: One House (PG-13)

Post  s o f t ♥ l u l l a b y on 10th November 2010, 9:04 pm

(OOC: god, i just realized how many errors there were in my first post. & how stupid it was. oh well. i'm re-writing it. xD)

A woman with long, silky blonde hair stood at the steps of the porch, her lips pursing in disdain. She had been standing in that exact spot for about seven minutes, and not one single camper had arrived. How long could it take a few snot-nosed brats to pack their bags and drive to the summer camp? The answer: not this long.

Becoming more and more irritable by the moment, she tousled her tresses, noting with a sigh of relief -- and dread -- that the first camper was arriving.

A black Ford Mondeo pulled up, and a short, curled-haired brunette practically fumbled out of her car. Pathetic. She pulled out with her a neon-striped piece of roll-on luggage that practically blinded her, and looked to be heavier then the small contestant herself!

She pulled out a coral-colored backpack, and fumbled to both sides of the windows to give two men, presumably her older brother and father, a kiss goodbye. Then, she dragged herself -- and her luggage -- rather enthusiasticly toward Tabitha.

"Hi, there! My name's Bambina, but that's super-dooper long, and only my great-grandma Kitty calls me that! Tee-hee, I love kitties! My grandma does, too! She has almost seven cats! I like dogs, a little bit more though, I have a dog named Charlie, and last month, he -- wait, where are all the contestants?!" her greeting came out so quick and bubbly, it was a surprise that she wasn't gasping for breath when she finished her sentences.

Tabitha replied in a deadpan monotone, "You're the first one here."

"Cool!" the girl innocently replied, shoving her bags towards the opposite end of the porch. The hostess shook her head.

"I need a nap," Tabitha replied, already worn out.

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s o f t ♥ l u l l a b y
s o f t ♥ l u l l a b y

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One House (PG-13) Empty Re: One House (PG-13)

Post  amelias-hart on 29th August 2011, 6:36 pm

Amelia smiled as she hopped out of her mom's car. Quickly saying goodbye and grabbing her bags, she looked around until she saw a woman who looked enough like a consoler. She walked up and said, "Hiya! Amelia Moseley, if you need it!" She stayed a safe distance, having caught the tail end of the woman's remarks to the other girl.

With that, she made her way to the side of the building and sat down. She grinned, "Ello!"

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One House (PG-13) Empty Re: One House (PG-13)

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