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News 10/21/09

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News 10/21/09 Empty News 10/21/09

Post  amelias-hart on 21st October 2009, 6:15 pm

Well, we have a new forum section: Who's the Leader?! This section is for contests, and I hope you check it out. Also, new, Chatbox Coins! Chatbox Coins are what the name is, mainly because you usually get them in the Chatbox. Chatbox Coins (CC) can get you out of out being banned or losing a rank, and so on. The easiest way to get them is by logging on to the Chatbox on Friday. That's 3 free CCs a week! Also, you can get CC by:
- Inviting friends, by sending of a postcard (5 CC)
- Every 100 posts (5 CC)
- Contibution to site [That's donating money] (10 CC)
- Birthday (10 CC)
- Posting (1 CC)
- Logging on (1 CC)
- new topic (3 CC)

I will get a giftshop running, and you can put a loan in for CC gifts to friends. Also, you must keep up with your own CC on your profile bar (putting in soon). Some artshops may also use CC for advanticed requests.
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